My wife comments on Windows 8 – a true story

True story:

My wife and I just had this conversation 10 minutes ago. Here is word for word how it went.

Joe,  “It looks like I am going to have to buy you another PC because I have no idea when they will get the one I just bought you fixed. We can ask them if they have something with Windows 7 on it because that is what you like.”

Rosie, “Make sure it has good virus protection.”

Joe, “Oh… That is right! You had all that trouble with viruses, did you have any virus problems with Windows 8?”.

Rosie, “No.”

Joe, “Then maybe you  really should go with Windows 8”.

Rosie, “I would rather be on Windows 7 and have viruses on my PC then use Windows 8 again.”

There is your proof. Windows 8 is THAT BAD! I don’t even want to tell my horror stories with Windows 8, but I won’t because I would take too much time writing it (And I like to write).

2 Thoughts on “My wife comments on Windows 8 – a true story

  1. uh, oh. Yesterday Philip just spent $200 of his hard earned money and I pitched in $200 of Tom’s hard earned money to order Philip a Windows 8 lap top. What is so bad? I thought that it was just like Windows 7 with the addition of having apps like a tablet.


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